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Okay, so because of how many gifts they get, one of the Creation people (who I got to talk to for a bit, and is really wonderful) had to take all of the gifts for the guys so that they could be put in their vehicles to be taken home with them. They wanted to make sure that the guys got them all. SO, I didn't get to explain it in person (I wrote on the back of the cover page) or see their reaction. BUT, when I went in to get my auto, Jared had his right next to him on the table. I don't know what that means (except for the fact that he actually had it in his possession), and I didn't want to take up any time to ask (sorry, there was plenty of 'stalling' going on and I didn't want to annoy the Con people). So yeah, I didn't get to see the boys reactions to it but I know they got them all (I found the woman I gave them to later and she confirmed that yes, they took them). Once again, thank you so much for participating! :) 

Now, Misha is a different story :P

I stealthed my way into giving it to him during the autographs (cause photo-ops they just hand them off to the nearest worker or person, so I thought I had a better chance of him actually seeing it if I gave it to him when he was sitting down at a table. :) I also wrote the details of it on the back of him cover page in case I didn't explain it well enough.

So I get my auto's and I tried to hurriedly explain what it is, something like this:

"I had fans around the world that couldn't be here send in postcards from where they live so they could tell you how much they appreciate you."

He looks up at me as I hand it to him with this big ol' smile on his face.


He takes it and starts to flip through it (and I guess the handler thought it was a good idea, or she was laid back, or saw how excited he seemed to be because she didn't rush me. When he kinda catches all the different places that the cards came from his eyes go wide.

"Wow, that is so amazing, thank you so much! Wow....I-"

"Oh, you're welcome, we all just appreciate you and Castiel so much we wanted to let you know" I started to move away so that I wouldn't get beat up by all the fangirls :P and he stopped me, (while he was still looking through it) by putting out his hand and grabbing at me as I was moving away, so I turned back toward him, and he looked at me more seriously (either he was acting, or there was total appreciation/gratitude in his eyes, it was really wonderful to see that it meant something to him).

"No seriously, this is so great, thank you so much. I love it."

I said "Oh, you're welcome! Thanks for coming." And I walked out, and when I looked back he was done signing the next persons autograph and started flipping through it AGAIN! :) So YAY! I am really excited about Misha being so happy with it! :) Makes it all worth while! I only wish more people had sent to him, he seemed to absolutely LOVE it!

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