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Got this email from a friend, and holy SHIT!

Seems a sheep farmer was puzzled about the disappearance of some sheep on his farm. After a few weeks the farmer decided to put up an electric fence. 

About a week later, this is what he found!

Now, I know we've all heard of people being eaten by snakes & I bet most of us have said, 'If a snake tried to eat me, I'd blah, blah, blah & get away.' 
Well, this is a Python & they're extremely aggressive & have a few teeth that they use to hold their prey while they wrap around them & then constrict. 

Could you get away if this one bit you & held on with it's 'few teeth?' 

(Note: The wires are 10 inches apart.) 

As if I needed ANOTHER reason to be freaked out by snakes! My sister held one (it more like was laying across her lap) in like first grade, a HUGE um...I just went and made sure with my parents, it was a Boa Constrictor, and it was HUGE! I refused to hold it (like the smarty pants that I am). Her teacher's BF brought it into the class, and I was like "Um- nope" :) 

Anyways, thought I would share the fright :P I am totally rethinking my attraction to cowboys, I mean, they live on farms right? I am SO not okay with being that close to something like this!

Also, random but I have a bunch of scans I've been working on today, and I'll post them later :) 
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