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So, I did bullet points in my cool recycled notebook that Brie gave me! \o  So I be transferring them now :) 

- Poppa in the 'recap' YAY! I normally don't watch these, but I figured this one would be a good one to watch.

- Okay, after Sammy drank Ruby's blood and he is all 'hell on wheels' driving to go help Dean, are his eyes black or not? Anyone?

- "If I didn't know you, I would wanna hunt you"...yeah, not giving away ANY of the plot there, SEE, THIS is why I don't watch the recap!

- Blonde chick....sure, go with the typical guys! Whatever...*eyeroll*

- The big ol' pic of John on the nightstand? Really? Cause he SO wants a trail of him leading to the only son he HASN'T told about hunting, yeah...why don't you just put one of those neon arrow signs on top of the house 'John Winchester's son lives here, fire at will.' Cause he hasn't pissed of his fair share of baddies that would want revenge on any and all members of his family! Sheesh!

- Aw, return of the purple toothbrush! So glad I am not the only one carrying around a toothbrush in my car...okay, well I suppose they have a better reason for it LOL.

- GO DEAN with the preparation!! (In the diner.)

- Awwww, Dean is all defensive cause he thinks the 'potential' baddie is using John as bait. Awww!!!

- 'Dad sex' YES! LMAO! THAT is TOTALLY going in OurVerse!!! HA!

- Haha!! 'Maybe he slipped one past the goalie'! See? Demon!blood Sammy is SO different! LOL, normal Sammy doesn't talk about 'those' kinds of things! Hee

- 'A car fell on him' *eyeroll* Yeah, you overprepared for EVERYTHING else, but you couldn't think of a better lie for how John died? 

- Uh oh, mentioned the Impala! Op- there he goes! No one drives Kaz but Dean, even having Sammy drives makes him uncomfortable, especially after the whole 'douche it up' incident :P

- Is that the same baseball pic of John they used in WIAWSNB?

- OH NO HE DIDN'T!!!! (John, LOL) WHY are there pics of him and the chick like they were one big happy family when he was barely ever there?! Okay, I am officially irked!

- Dude, that 'family fishing trip' picture is a BAD manip!

- Oh no, wrong question to ask Dean (when he asks to know more about John). Oh look, Dean took it better than I thought, hmm, impressive. (ETA Afterthought: This line 'Trust me you don't wanna know' should be WHY Sammy doesn't take the whole 'You're more like Dad than I realized' comment as a compliment...)

- Ugh, another bad manip (in the newspaper) LOL, reminds me of this head that Jeremy pasted on the wall at work by the break room that is supposed to be 'looking out' from behind the shelves! LOL


- Awww, Dean, don't feel bad. I always lose to my BFF too! We do it at work to see who is gonna catch the next call, and I always lose! LOL

- Well, 1 pt. for Jr. Winchester on the slowbus- 'You're not mechanics' LOL, way to catch on, Jake!

- Aw, Sammy (that's the only note I have, LOL, don't know why I 'aww'ed' him).

- Hmm, it bugs me that he is being so nice and all 'I believe you' about the whole 'we hunt evil' thing. I heard rumors that he was like a 'baddie' himself or something, but I don't think that's what's going down, I don't think it's him...hmm.

- Oh, see, Dean agrees with me! :D

- Dean all 'Respect Dad's wishes'! Aww, he feels guilty cause he thinks he can't be the son that John wanted him to be! Comes back to the 'he's the Winchester that broke the first seal' guilt :(

- Oh- NICE Sammy, cause you and Dean don't have ENOUGH coming between you two!! Fucking present a united front for once man!

- Agent Nugent! LMAO! Sounds like a cleaning solution! And that ALWAYS makes me thinks of Ocean's 11!!

- 'Law & Order' vibe? Seriously? When has Dean EVER thrown that vibe around? And SHIT! To a Cop's wife?! Dude, her cop-dar is WAY off!

- Vents dumbass...sheesh, took Sammy a while to figure out the vent thing- gawd, shortbus much tonight?

- Doom and Gloom much Sammy? With the whole 'leave your life behind' speech. I mean, y'all have connections! What the hell do you call Bobby?

- Sammy gonna cry? (Dean/Sam kitchen talk)

- YES! Finally get to hear the speech that made Sam flee to college (kinda LOL, only from Sammy, which is kinda weird.)

- 'Sam & John are too much alike' Um...DUH! T and I called that shit a LONG time ago! Welcome to the shortbus Dean, take a seat next to Sammy and Jake, be sure to wear your helmet.

- Good music score for the Dean hunt, the knocking is like when people tapp their fingers on the counter in impatience.

- 'Sloppy Joe' LOL, predictable, but good!

- Hmm, see? I knew it wasn't really him (Jake), ugh, Sammy needs a special seat on the shortbus! Catch up Winchester!

- Sammy!Bondage!!! \o

- Oh, ghouls huh. I remember those, yuck dude, nasty things if I remember correctly.

- Eww, yup, I remembered correctly...

- Well yeah, I would imagine Demon blood has QUITE a different taste *sigh* I like that they threw that in though, as if we weren't worried enough about how much blood Sammy has been drinking.

- Hell YEAH with the Dean badass muscles climbing out of the crypt!! Go Dean go! Sammy is gonna be lunch soon...hmm, or dinner, it's dark huh? LOL, either way.

- I LIKE the camera angle on the Dean/Ghoul!Jake fight through Sammy's dripping blood, makes the fight seem longer, and makes it more intense, cause hello, SAVE SAMMY!

- More shortbus Dean with the 'You're like Dad' thing.

- And hey, WHY the open flame in the WOODs all the time (when they burn the bodies), I mean, yeah....poor shortbus boys!

- Okay, see? Sammy is all 'don't give a damn about the rules' now with the 'call in a favor' thing to bring Jake back, I mean why? What would the purpose be? He's not a hunter, he can't help stop the apocalypse, so why? Bring him back to die again?

- Hmm, Sammy, you shouldn't take that as a compliment-

- Oh look, Dean hinted at that for me, go Dean! But also, don't you see how much YOU are like John now? He wanted a normal life for Jake, and that is so much what you want. Both you and Sammy are carrying a big piece of John with you (even if it has to be two OPPOSITE pieces, but whatever).

Afterthought notes from me:

- Okay, one last little nitpick from me. Sorry, but no, Jake didn't die like a hunter! He died like a civilian, he didn't know how to fight back, or even that he SHOULD have to fight back. I mean, yeah, burn his body, whatever, but don't say he went out like a hunter, he was a screamer for cryin' out loud. Love the boy, sure, but don't give him more credit than he's due just because he's your blood. Come to think of it, that may be the Winchester curse, being blind when it comes to the faults/shortcomings/human weaknesses of your kin...hmm.

- And REALLY? No demon (on earth when he was alive or in hell when John was there) with those mind reading abilities that they have SAW that John had another son? Seriously? I find that hard to believe. I think the Kripster pulled this one out of his ass, LOL, he didn't exactly 'lead up' to it, like he did the 'Mary deal' or any other 'fine plot threads' he has been weaving since season 1. Not that he isn't still God, but I'm just saying, I like that he called it 'Jump the Shark', I mean, he DID call  us the smartes fans, he had to know we would call bullshit on it. Good on you Kripke, good on you.

- Is it too hopeful that all the blood Sammy lost helped 'cleanse' out the demon blood? I mean, not all that way, but maybe a little? Oh, especially if he needed a transfusion! Grasping at straws...table for one here!

So all in all, good episode, just a little of the 'too little too late' shortbus realizations with the boys, I really think the skepticism on the timing of when Jake got a hold of them went out the window too soon. Since when do the boys take so long to figure something like that out and stop being so sus[icious? LOL  And I really wanna know what the big 'you're gonna be really surprised by one of the Winchester's reactions to Jake' spoiler was supposed to be, cause they both acted like I thought they would.


- Aw YAY! CAS! And Jimmy!! Hee, of course he had to be Jimmy- like Stewart! YES! \o

- Hmm, don't even mind Anna showing up now that I've met Julie, funny how that works...

Now, off to add music to the iPod for work tomorow! :) 

Oh, hey, what was the tribute to Kim? I missed it cause I had to have the volume way down and totally couldn't watch it as in depth as I usually do.
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