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Yeah, told you I would try to be more creative with my blog titles :P

Anyway, I scanned a BUNCH of shit like a week ago, and I haven't shared it yet. I know that there have been scans of some of the stuff before, but I haven't ever seen them this big, and they are BIG. I scanned them at 600dpi, and so yeah, like the average (for a full page) is about 5000px or something. Here is an example of one of them (It's 5096 by 6296):

So yeah, I have stuff to share, and I'll break it up into categories :P In most cases, I included the FULL page and the article cropped (if it was just a little insert on the whole page). And because they are SUCH a huge size, I zipped each 'set' to save you some time from letting them DL individually, cause I know how that sucks sometimes. If you don't want the whole zip, just click the thumbnails, and it'll take you to a MQ image (the size they shrink it for Photobucket images).

DAMN! The spacing is weird, whatever, I am not redoing all these LOL.

ZIP for these:

Which includes these:

- Flyer from last years Comic Con from Titan Magazines

- The 'Sexy Scary Supernatural' article in EW (I know it's been shared, but not as high a resolution).

Along with the index page:

- Sexiest Siblings win in TV Guides "Sexiest TV Stars"

- 'Watercooler Conversations' piece (mentioning what they are talking about at the 'watercooler' from certain TV shows, Sam's blood habit made the cut apparently) I have;t seen this before posted anywhere...

- Little Jump the Shark insert (I know that it has been posted, but again, I don't think in this size)

- Friday the 13th review in Entertainment Weekly (which I found highly amusing) in a general 'Horror Movie' sense, and then the specific review on the page after it. As you can see, there is an insert about Jared and Jensen in this one. Also found it funny how on the 'Movie Review' page they actually mention MBV in the review for Friday the 13th (albeit, not in a positive way, but still, it's there).

- A feature called 'Where can I get that?' I believe in Entertainment Weekly, that I haven't seen before posted, and it is probably cause people wouldn't think to look there for SN dish LOL, but it's a pic of Dean nonetheless, and if you like his jacket, even more of a plus! ;P

Now, for Harper's Island (which no one (in the critic world) seems to like, but yeah, here ya go anyways :)

ZIP for these:

And yeah, I got scan happy for my friends (that means you ;)) and when I saw someone I thought that one of you would like I scanned it in, like I scanned in DB for my Bones girlies! Dude, read it SO much love for DB! Scanned in Kaley Cuoco for my Twin and those of you that watch 'Big Bang Theory' and like, Alexis in her new movie, cause come on, who doesn't love that girl?! Eliza (cause of Dollhouse) for a few of you. Also some guy I don't even KNOW from Gossip Girl cause I know Janice watches it, and so on :) So take your pick :P (Oh, and pretty much all the 'TV's Sexiest Stars' pages just because...)

ZIP contains these:

PLEASE comment if you take, it took FOREVER to do all these.

Also, if there is a thumbnail here, and the actual SCAN isn't included in the ZIP, let me know if you need it, I'll upload it for you.

In other news, I am catching up with recent entries from my friends, so if you get drowned with comments, my bad ;)
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