Feb. 22nd, 2009

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Perhaps he finally got someone to tell him how to behave in interviews, or maybe it was just the subject matter, but yeah, here's to JDM's first interview I have seen that didn't make me cringe. (Big fat 'thank you' to those of you that were SUPPOSED to tell me about the good ones! You totally slacked off! I had to find this on my OWN! LOL)

It isn't spoilery, just his own wishes about possibly returning to Supernatural next season:

Um, can I say how AMAZING it was that he was like 'I'm calling Kripke myself'! AWW! I was all *surge of happiness* when he said that, not his people, or his people's people, HE was gonna call Kripke directly! So awesome! (Even if it was an exaggeration! I don't care, he got me!)

And bravo for the big ups to Kim, he did it justice. Good on him. Big sexy sap! Man, he is always easy on the eyes, but when he does an interview like this (first I've seen) he gets hotter to me *sigh*. Oh dreams are gonna be good tonight! Maybe I will get another JDM appearance! Which I haven't gotten in FOREVER cause of my pet peeves for him personally (not his characters).

Even had to make a new tag for this one! Not confident it will be overly used, but yeah, just had to :P


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