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Lucky number 7, this is probably for me alone, cause I love hockey, and DB loving hockey is a great thing to look at for this girl!

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More, and yes, I need help, and my moods are all in complete seriousness, I have been trying to post this damn thing for hours!, I am hurrying this along here, my sis is waiting!

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Okay, this is what killed my original post, cause it just killed it again, so here we are going in sections!

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And the madness continues!
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Okay, apparently my love is too much, cause the post was too big, so here we go in parts!

So, her, number 1 with a bullet....or a gun....or just plain hotness

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Sorry about the delay, had to find pictures of this one because he wasn't on the original list I made, so without further adieu

Once again, I have to warn you, it is over 100 pictures, so HUGE PICSPAM....you have been warned ;)

Okay, so there ya go...let me know what you think although I am almost a little scared to ask...
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Here he is, no intro needed ;) 100+ (lost count) pics and a video I made of him inside :) NOT dial-up friendly

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Okay, he needs no introduction :) None of the rest do, so here ya go...

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Alright, we are at #5, so here ya go hope you enjoy and of course a random hottie if you don't like, but I would go see a shrink if that was the case!! (or maybe get your sight checked)

Alright, that is my #5, tell my what you think!! :)
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Okay, here is # 6, and a random hottie at the end if ya don't like #6 :)

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I have a feeling there is gonna be some upset with this one, so I am providing more to convince you, hopefully it works :)

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Okay, new plan, since I have unorthodox taste to say the least, I am adding a random hottie pic at the end, in case you don't like my pick for that number :) Oh, and I am doing them one at a time, so you can enjoy more of each one :)

Alright, that was a lot, but I figured I can overload on the top ten :)
Let me know what you think!!

#10 & #9

Nov. 11th, 2007 05:08 pm
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Okay, we are in the top ten people, and I am sensing some unrest, so let me know if you disagree with these!!

Let me know :)
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Without further adieu...

Okay, people let er rip! :) Tell me what ya think! :)

And let me just say, I got a LOVELY little surpruise from 1/4 of my brain today, and that is why I am going with more JDM in my icons, cause thanks to a certain evil girly!! I can't seem to stop thinking about ol' Poppa Winchester!!! And man, he looks good in color!! :)
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Blah blah blah..you know the drill :)

Alright, say what you will, I expect it by now LOL


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