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Had to us this icon in light of my conversation with [livejournal.com profile] insaneboingo  earlier :P SO TRUE! And I also wanted to reiterate (in case I didn't tell her enough) how much I loved her, and how awesome it was to chat with her! OH, and My Twin totally messed up the dates and she won't be here until the 24th. So I have to readjust everything, but no worries, YOU are a big priority to see. If for some reason it falls through, she will be back to see me again in the end of June, so either way, we will see you, now or later. Blame her, she types for shit :P  Also, I registered for that wonderfully amazing thing we were talking about today that you warned me was gonna be sold out ;) I am keeping it quiet (for what reason I don't know, but whatever). Just thought I would let you know hun :D Count me IN!

Okay, instead of bombarding you with a HUGE post, or like a bunch of smaller ones in a row, I posted a bunch of past dated entries, and now I am gonna link you all to them. Let me know if something doesn't work:

Fic meme and random number matching meme post

Drabble Fic I Wrote (Supernatural of course)

Shagging Meme

FINALLY a GOOD JDM interview (may be old to some of you, but definitely worth watching)

Also, quickly:

Possibly fixed the problem with Norton, being that I got rid of it completely, the stupid plastic piece of CRAP! So yeah, I should be able to catch up a bit in the next few days.

Okay, I think that is all for now :) I am still working on going through my emails and such I missed. Do need to post a few more things, but I think I will wait on it til after work. Since I posted that fic meme, now I wanna go write some more :) But I think I should probably sleep for early work later...
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But this one seems interesting :)  )

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Yup, that's right, dive into the madness slight character name/traits for Friday the 13th VERY slight, like practically non-existent, but I figured for the hardcore spoiler phobes I should put it in there.

Inside one third of the brain )


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