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Um, anyone know how to get back my 'Recently Added' playlist? My computer was freezing and I must have deleted it by accident, cause it is gone, and I really like that one...



Apr. 29th, 2009 11:39 pm
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Dude, does anyone know how to get an older version of a web browser? Even though I kept refusing it, Wyzo did an update when I was away from my computer, and it then, after I turned it on again, it (Wyzo) wouldn't start up (no matter how many times I clicked it), so now, I had to uninstall it and re-install it, and I fucking HATE, FUCKING HATE the new version, but I have no clue how to revert to the old version.

Any clue? If it is possible for anyone to help, I need like the 'Wyzo version 0.5.3' it's what I had installed before!

Oh, and FUCLK UPDATES! ARGH! Every time something updates on my computer it freaks out and won't work!

So I lost all my bookmarks that I just fucking went through and organized!! I am so pissed, I was almost in tears, any help would be so much appreciated

Or, does anyone know how to get it from one computer to another? Cause it is on my parents laptop.

And I have tried all the other ones (Firefox, IE, MSN...and more I can't think of right now) and none of them have the ONE feature that I want that Wyzo does, so yeah, just thought I would note that here so I don't have to respond to a bunch of comments about the fact that I have tried them all, and I prefer this one.

NM, I am too pissed for this right now, I have about zero patience.
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Who knew he was only 39, sheesh he's got a lot done in that time )

Hey, Twin, random, but did you ever figure out why my LJ cuts off images on the right hand side? It won't let them show past the center column...remember? My layout problem I asked you about when you were here? Thanks hun! :) Oh, and my bad, but I lost track of time and totally forgot to send you that clip, I'll do it ASAP.

Also, random, but does anyone know if Kings of Leon is any good? They were on the cover of Rolling Stone at work, and I swear I've heard of them before. Also? Two of them are SO hot! LOL, anyone wanna offer an opinion about their music?


Apr. 9th, 2009 12:40 pm
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Okay so I want to add the fonts I have to be able to use them in my Microsoft Word program and my Paint program. Any ideas where I add them? Robyn tried to help, but we couldn't find where to add them.

Any help would be much appreciated :) 

Problem solved, Carina is my Guru :P
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Okay, so I have installed AIM so I can talk to a friend, but I don't want it to open EVERY time I turn on the computer, that bugs me. I have 'unchecked' the box for that in the setting THREE times now, and the next time I turn on the computer it is RECHECKED and starts up automatically.

Any ideas on how to make it go away? I am about ready to uninstall it cause it is pissing me off so much.
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Okay, so when I opened it today, all of my playlists were GONE, along with pretty much all of my music/videos. There are less than 100 songs on there all of a sudden, and NONE of my playlists. When I hooked up the iPod, it said that it was synced with ANOTHER library, and it can only be synced with one at a time. BUT I have never hooked it up to another computer/library so I don't get what happened...

Any advice? Do I have to re-import ALL the music? Dude, that will take forever!!

It said if I re-synced it that I would erase everything on the iPod and replace it with this new library that keeps coming up (sans all my good stuff), so I haven't done that yet, but I want to add more music because I moved my music library onto an external HD, and need to re-import some things.
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That I am Kripke's Bitch )


Aug. 17th, 2008 10:02 am
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