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Who knew he was only 39, sheesh he's got a lot done in that time )

Hey, Twin, random, but did you ever figure out why my LJ cuts off images on the right hand side? It won't let them show past the center column...remember? My layout problem I asked you about when you were here? Thanks hun! :) Oh, and my bad, but I lost track of time and totally forgot to send you that clip, I'll do it ASAP.

Also, random, but does anyone know if Kings of Leon is any good? They were on the cover of Rolling Stone at work, and I swear I've heard of them before. Also? Two of them are SO hot! LOL, anyone wanna offer an opinion about their music?


Apr. 22nd, 2009 09:13 am
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Okay, so for my somewhat Baby-friendly Flist (and a FEW Major SMG fans out there) how come NO ONE told me that she is gonna have a baby? Huh?
Is there something in the Past-Buffy actors water or something this year? First Alyson and Alexis, and then David announces Jamie is gonna have another baby, and then when Jennefer and I are looking at hot-ass Hugh Jackman in the EW, we see the little sidebar note that SMG is now expecting! (I scanned it, and have it in HUGE size, but I figured I would save your browser, but click if you want mega-size)

I mean, come on friends, I didn't see this on a single one of your pages...did I miss it? I mean, I am SO not a fan of the babies and such, but SMG and Freddie Prinze Jr. (which will now make me think of Jared, LOL) spawning a lil' one I would THINK would cause some stir in some of my fellow Buffy Fans.

For cryin' out loud Twin, you have the puppets!! Didn't you hear about this?! I am excluding T from this because she has been internet-less but for SHAME on the rest of you :P 
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My Mom is hilarious, she just called me from her work to tell me that David Boreanaz was coming up next on Regis & Kelly, so I tuned in to watch and aww!!! I am SO glad I did!! Click for more details )
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Yeah, you have been warned, don't click if you are of the faint of heart
For you hard asses )


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