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Yeah, told you I would try to be more creative with my blog titles :P
Goodies this way )
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Got this email from a friend, and holy SHIT!
Open up to see something FREAKIN' SCARY! )

Anyways, thought I would share the fright :P I am totally rethinking my attraction to cowboys, I mean, they live on farms right? I am SO not okay with being that close to something like this!

Also, random but I have a bunch of scans I've been working on today, and I'll post them later :) 
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and witty and smart and have great taste in women )

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Okay, try to make it short and sweet!
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Okay, well I had a little comment-a-pa-looza with  [personal profile] insaneboingo about how we were both Daddy's girls, and I was also a big tomboy when I was little, so I remembered a picture that 'showed' that, and wanted to share.


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