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Well, fiber-optic internet to be exact.

It means that I can DL and watch SN before it even airs here, which gives me time to go and watch my Wings now! Woot! I watched SN in the first intermission and (some commercials in the second period) now I am enjoying my Wings! Woot for the fiber optics! ;)

My thoughts later, along with a bullet post, may be two separate ones, so sorry if I spam you, and T, that means the DL is on it's way, converting as I type :P

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Okay, so real random, and in bullet form to minimize rambling and babble fingers):

- First and Foremost: Whoever anonymously added paid time to my account, I am very thankful! I don't know who you are, but that NEVER happens to me (I got 'anonymous' flowers a couple times, but later the guy told me they were from him)! I was so floored, thank you SO MUCH!!!! *tackle!hug*

Onward for more bullet points )
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I told you that previous one wouldn't last long, (I don't even know if everyone saw it). Anyways, my shiny new Red Wings layout (in honor of the Winter Classic Game on Jan 1st, yes, I know you all are like 'WTF?' but it is hiatus, and I love hockey WAY more than a lot of things, so there ya go) was 'edited' by My Twin ([livejournal.com profile] bobbinrob since this is public and some people may not know who that is), the original was created by [livejournal.com profile] mintyapple .

My Twin also made the header (all on her own, she is a genius and puts up with my picky ass with more grace than most would) out of pictures I took at the last game I went to :P 
Hockey and Pimpage inside )
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