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Okay, so I got this AMAZING mix CD in the mail two days ago, and it has been on repeat in my CD player! (Sorry I didn't do this until now, was super busy, should even be sleeping now, but can procrastinate to get this done!) :) I even made a copy of it so I wouldn't have to move it from my room into my truck and back! LOL so thanks [personal profile] insaneboingo for my new favorite CD!

AND F**K!! My stupid WHOLE blog just got eaten by LJ, and I am so not redoing it right now, I am so freakin pissed! I reviewed the ENTIRE mixed CD, every song with my little thoughts on it! and shit! I didn't write any of it down anywhere else, this sucks out loud majorly, and it's partly probably do to my whole right side of my body being all numb and tingly! now I am going to bed, pissed, and mad, and feeling shitty cause I really wanted to let you know what I thought of the CD and I won't get back here to do it until after Christmas! Son of a - I am sorry sweetie, but in short I loved it, I will do more with it when I come back after Christmas!

Only thing to cheer me up is that I get to see JDM butt today, and I am still freakin pissed! If that can't lift my anger nothing can!


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