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First, I am fine, except that I am now completely convinced that someone out there just doesn't want me to get drunk, like ever, because if 10 shots and a couple of beers couldn't do it, I don't know what can! Curse you *shakes fist* stubborn Polish and Italian blood that has an unusually high tolerance for alcohol!! Just wanted to let all you people that heard my voiceposts last night know what went on :)

Okay people, my wonderful and beyond beautiful Twin has offered her time/effort to get some love to Jared!! Lord knows I have ONE person on my flist that will gobble this up, so here we go people, I am pimping this, and be nice, I swear, if anyone attempts any shitty-ness I will personally use my frequent flyer miles to fly over and kick some ass to the guilty party...okay, enough with the threats, and on to the awesome idea!:

In a nutshell, she has offered to collect messages/emails/art/whatever your heart desires (as long as it is nice and supportive, you know, or else see above threat) and give to Jared at the Supanova Convention she will be at next week.  So yeah, all you Jared fans, get ON IT and show the gigantic sweetheart some love!!

HERE is her post about it, you can comment there, or you can send to me if you like and I will get it to my Twin :)
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