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Okay, I am sure all/most of you have heard, cause I am slow LOL, but THIS project is a great idea:

I'm going to be gone today to a sci-fi con, but I wanted to post a quick update.  We just started the project yesterday, and we already have 38 pictures for the photobook for Jared!  With about two months still to go to collect pictures, I think this book is going to be awesome and Jared will really love it!  Please, please spread the word.  Post this anywhere and everywhere Supernatural fans are, but please don't spam or break anyone's rules.  Thanks everyone for helping make this so great!

Shadowfax and others came up with a great idea and we've decided to go with it.  Jared always gives so much of himself to us and we want to give a little back.  We're going to get a professional book made of fans' pictures with Jared to give to him at EyeCon!  I can get a leatherbound photobook made for around $50 through www.mypublisher.com.  If you have a picture of yourself with Jared, whether its a photo op or a candid pic and would like to be included in the book, email your original sized picture along with your name and where you are from to janglyjewels@highland.net.  I think Jared would absolutely love this.

Please spread the word and link to this to any and every Supernatural fan, forum, community that you know.  Please don't spam or break rules though.  Lets make this book HUGE!

So if you have a pic with pretty pretty Jared, let her know! I love that NOW I have a clue about these things, cause those first couple seasons, whew, I was all about just watching the show, no fandom for me (well, not like now anyways)

And before I forget THANK YOU TWIN!! For my Purple rhino...it is weird and kinda ugly looking considering I am not a big fan of the pink/purple stuff, but amazingly, I kinda love it LOL.  I think it has something to do with who sent it, and the message I got with it :)
I love you too!! *tackle!hug*
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