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I had a shitload to do, and such, but yeah, my Twin gets what she wants, so I went over her transcript of the SN Comic Con Panel and fixed all the missing/mistaken words and such, so I wanted to post it here as well, so here ya go, if anyone wants, My Twin and I transcribed the (the non-spoilery version has spoilers through the end of season 3 BUT NONE OF SEASON 4, all potential questions and answers that were spoilery have been removed):

2008 Comic Con Supernatural Panel

2008 Comic Con Supernatural Panel Non-Spoilery

It is in .doc form (compatible with 97-03 word), if it doesn't work, I think my Twin is gonna post it in her journal too, just in the body of the post, so if you can't get it, I will point ya in the right direction.


PLEASE let me know if you take :) It took a LOT of watching and re-watching to get the 'right' words and such, and they talk FAST sometimes LOL

ETA: SHITTY people, VERY shitty, I just checked and there were 120 DL's so far, and only like 21 comments to let me know you DL'ed, so this is not to those 21, it is to everyone else, SHITTY SHITTY behavior, that took HOURS people, a comment wouldn't kill you, takes less time than clicking on the link and starting the damn download, so thanks to those shitty fans, it is now password protected.  You WILL HAVE TO COMMENT to get the password...just, yeah, I didn't want to do that, but oh well...thank those 100 inconsiderate people.
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