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Okay, so I am gonna kinda re-do my post that LJ ate, without the SN meme, cause I can't refind it :)

New for me, so if you do not comment Ill keep my reviews to myself from now on )
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Yup, that's right, dive into the madness slight character name/traits for Friday the 13th VERY slight, like practically non-existent, but I figured for the hardcore spoiler phobes I should put it in there.

Inside one third of the brain )
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And this is how I spent my morning )
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Well, here we go

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Okay, try to make it short and sweet!
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So, now I am off to bed, and won't be able to comment until tomorrow....well, later today actually...:)
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Voicepost and Commercial )
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Forgot in all my scrambled rambling to mention that I like the lack of ads in my new paid status here! I don't get redirected when I accidentally click on an add while I am trying to scroll!

Also sound a bit whiny about Gunny, and just want to clarify that I love him to death, that being said, he isn't my dog...I have my own dog that has been attention deprived lately, so take that as you will :)

And I think I am gonna do more JossVerse is major inspiration for Kripke posts even if no one reads them :P


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